Is the Salvation Army a church?
The Salvation Army is a Christian organization and part of the universal Christian Church. Its message and the lifestyle it advocates are based on the Bible’s teaching. Its work is to make known the good news about Jesus Christ and to persuade people to become his followers.  Everything The Salvation Army does is rooted in the faith of its members. The confidence Salvationists have in a loving and caring God finds outward expression in their love for humanity and their practical response to human need.
What about those uniforms?

The Salvation Army adopted a military image in Victorian times. The uniform and military terminology still speak of our passion to fight for people who are in need and to combat evil and the ills of society, just as it did in the 1870s. Today, however, many Salvationists prefer not to wear uniform, and you will find both uniformed and non-uniformed Salvationists at Ocean Crest. You will also find many who have chosen to worship at Ocean Crest without becoming a Salvation Army ‘soldier’.


What is Salvation Army worship like?

Salvation Army churches have different styles of worship. We believe our worship is of a more contemporary expression, and we are blessed to have a team to help facilitate our times of worship.

What can I expect when I visit?
  • Christian worship that is spiritually satisfying and uplifting
  • Encouragement for daily living
  • Relevant Bible messages for the Christian journey
  • Meeting a group of caring people just like you
  • Enjoying a relaxed friendly atmosphere
  • Discovering new friends over a good cup of coffee

At Ocean Crest Community Church you will be offered a hand of friendship and fellowship as well as an opportunity for spiritual growth and Christian service.