Our Largest Annual Fundraiser
The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign runs annually from mid-November through to December 24th. 

History of the “Kettle”

In 1891, Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee wanted to help the help the vulnerable in San Francisco, especially during the Christmas season, but he didn’t 
know where to get funding to do so. He remembered, during his earlier days in Liverpool England, seeing a large kettle where passengers of boats that
docked nearby were able to toss coins to help the poor. Captain McFee placed a similar pot at the Oakland Ferry Landing, and encouraged the public to “Keep the Pot Boiling.” He collected enough to host a Christmas dinner for the poor. 

Fill The Kettle 2018

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Our campaign relies heavily on volunteers who stand/sit by a kettle for a 2-hour shift.  That equals 64 volunteer hours per day!  We have some volunteers who have participated in this campaign for generations as part of family tradition.  Volunteers often choose to help in this way as part of giving back to their community during the holiday season.  We are blessed to have corporations, service clubs and local groups volunteer by “adopting a kettle” for a day or two, manned with their own staff.
Our Kettle Coordinator begins scheduling volunteers in late October.
All donations made to The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign stay 100% local.  They ensure our services to the community continue throughout the coming year. Donations to this campaign can be made at a kettle, via our online virtual kettles or simply by stopping by Ocean Crest Community Church at 291 Mclean Street..  
We are grateful for community partnerships who have generously matched donations on certain dates throughout the campaign, helping us reach our goal.  For more information on our Christmas Kettle Campaign, including setting up a presentation for your staff, students or group please call our office at 250-287-3720.  We encourage larger group participants to call by mid-October to ensure a greater choice in scheduling dates.

Become a Bell Ringer Today!

Contact our Kettle Coordinator
Tami Ness
Office:  250-287-3720
Cell:  250-204-3756