Tough Conversations

Who enjoys tough conversations? Most people I know don’t look forward to having a tough conversation. A colleague sent me the following link (How To Face Tough Conversations) this morning and I found it very helpful. But, I also found the article was one sided – it focused on the leader. In actual fact in any tough conversation there is always two sides. You may find yourself in the leadership role. You maybe a mom, dad, grandparent, teacher, music team leader, coach, Bible study leader, supervisor, and yes even a pastor. Or, you may find yourself the recipient of a tough conversation.
No matter what side of the table we find ourselves it is possible to have a tough conversation in love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Paul writes “Love is patient, love is kind…It does not dishonor others…it is not easily angered…” It has been my experience over the years that tough conversations must take place, and both sides must enter with love and grace, in search of the common good – Blessings..

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