There are many people who invest in the  mission of The Salvation Army in Campbell River, Port Hardy and surrounding communities. Meet some of the people that lead a great team of front line volunteers, students and employees.

Keith & Violet Hopkins
Corps Officer/Lead Pastors for Ocean Crest
Carol McMurdo
Mission Board
Director of
Pastoral Care.
Doug Vater
Mission Board Director of 
Betty Tiede
Mission Board
Hazen Taylor
Mission Board &
Ushers and Greeters
Joanne Hart
Emergency Disaster Services Coordinator
Katherine McEwen
Women’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Carla Byce
Sunday School Coordinator
Tami Ness
Kettle Coordinator
Sound & Media
John Floor
Music Team Lead
Patricia Roed
Finance &
Human Resources Assistant
Karen Floor
Administrative Assistant 
& Volunteer Coordinator
Sue Moen
Supportive Housing Services Manager
Kathryn Guenette
Dinner Bell Coordinator
Lona Croissant
Thrift Store Manager
Community Ministries Supervisor
Campbell River
Michael Winter
Community Ministries Supervisor
Port Hardy