There are many people who invest in the  mission of The Salvation Army in Campbell River, Port Hardy and surrounding communities. Meet some of the people that lead a great team of front line volunteers, students and employees.

Keith & Violet Hopkins
Corps Officer/Lead Pastors for Ocean Crest
Carol McMurdo
Mission Board – Director of
Pastoral Care.
Doug Vater
Mission Board – Director Business
Betty Tiede
Mission Board Chair
 Hazen Taylor
Mission Board – Ushers and Greeters
Joanne Hart
Emergency Disasters Coordinator
Katherine McEwen
Women’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Carla Byce
Sunday School Coordinator
Tami Ness
Kettle Coordinator
Mackenzie Hopkins
John Floor
Music Team Lead
Nicholas Hopkins
Patricia Roed
Finance &
Human Resources Assistant
Karen Floor
Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator
Sue Moen
Supportive Housing Services Manager
Kathryn Guenette
Dinner Bell Coordinator
Lona Croissant
Thrift Store Manager
Stacey Stranaghan
Food Services Coordinator
Lighthouse Centre of Hope
Barb Lizor
Lighthouse Centre of Hope
Rhonda Maximick
Community & Family Services
Lighthouse Centre of Hope
Darlene O’Neil
Community Ministry Worker 
Port Hardy Centre of Hope
Michael Winter
Community Ministries Supervisor
Port Hardy Centre of Hope
Guy Hogan
Port Hardy Centre of Hope
Chris Crawford
Administrative Assistant
Port Hardy Centre of Hope